Two months before the end of the period, if you want, you can renew your partnership, following the same process of the First Application:


Send to your Member Board or Exam Provider:

  • An Application Form filled out;
  • The list of of all certified testers that are working for them with the identification of their certificates (number, issuing Board, level);
  • The receipt of the payment of the registration fee.
2 The Member Board or Exam Provider will check your application and send to you an Eligibility Notice, with a request of payments for the corresponding Partnership Fee

Pay the Partnership Fee within a month and wait for receiving the Acceptance Letter, Recognition and Logo.


If your company wants to renew an ISTQB® Global Partnership, it will have to follow the same process but, at the moment of Application, the company will have to provide the information concerning all the sites that are already partners with at least 2 Gold and 1 Platinum partnerships, in two separate countries.

You can get all the information about the program from the ISTQB® Partner Program slides or contacting ISTQB® at the following email address: