General FAQs

The ISTQB® Partner Program recognises organisations around the world that have supported the professional development of their software testing staff through ISTQB® certification. The Program includes four levels of partnership (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Global) and the partnership level of an organisation is determined through the number of certification points it has accumulated, which relate to the ISTQB® Certificates held by staff.

Organisations may be eligible to become ISTQB® Partners if they have employees or external consultants working for them who provided services for more than 70% of their time and have passed ISTQB® certification exams. This applies equally to training providers.

Note that the Program is applicable only to legal entities within an organisation and that the partnership registration is managed by the National ISTQB® Member Board or by an Exam Provider involved in the delivery of ISTQB® Exams.

An organisation will apply for partnership in a country where it has a legal entity and, if successful, its partnership will be publicised on the ISTQB® website, and include details such as company name, and country. The Partner may also choose to publicise its Partnership status elsewhere, with a link back to the official ISTQB® website.

The partnership registration is managed by a Member Board, that is the Board approved by ISTQB®, or by an Exam Provider, which is a company involved in the delivery of ISTQB® Exams. The Partnership will be managed for the location where the company applies the request.

The Partnership can also be managed through the ISTQB directly, e.g. to cover areas, that are not covered by a Member Board or an Exam Provider.

Fees connected to the partner program cover a validity period of the Partner level, that you have applied for and will be invoiced at the beginning of a validity by your Selling Body on the ISTQB-side, after eligibility for your desired level has been confirmed.

Registration is free and includes processing your application form and performing the eligibility check and all communication up to the invoicing of your partnership.

To discover the amount of the fees, see Partner Fees.