Eligibility FAQs

The levels defined for the Program are Silver, Gold, Platinum and Global. In order to be eligible for the ISTQB® Partner Program, a company has to achieve a certain number of certification points, that defined the level of Partnership.

In order to join the Partner Program, the company must achieved as thresholds 5 points for the Silver Level, 14 points for the Gold Level and 30 points for the Platinum Leve. Furthermore, it is required to have a minimum of 1 Advanced Level Certificate for the Gold level and 3 Advanced Level Certificates for the Platinum level.

For more information, see Eligibility Points and Thresholds.

For each level, the points are accumulated for every test professionals who have passed an ISTQB® certification exam: the amount of points are 1 for Foundation Level certification, 3 for Advanced Level certification and 5 for Expert Level certification.
The points defined a number that is compared to the thresholds required and defined the reached level.

To achieve the Global level, a company must have a minimum of 2 locations with Gold Partner level and 1 location with Platinum Partner level, at least in two different countries.

The Eligibility Grid is a form through which a company can calculate the Partner Program Level: inserting the number of employees/consultants who hold certificates, it discover for which level is eligible and the number of points reached.

For discover your Partnership level, see Eligibility Grid.