The process for applying for ISTQB® Partner Program is described in the figure below:

1 Send to your Member Board or Exam Provider:
  • An Application Form filled out;
  • Include all attachments as requested in the form;
2 The recipient of your form will check your application and send to you an Eligibility Notice, with an invoice, covering the corresponding Partnership Fee
3 Pay the Partnership Fee within a month and wait for receiving the Acceptance Letter, Recognition and Partnersip Logo.


For becoming an ISTQB® Global Partner, the process is very similar: Submit your completed application form to the Body you would like to manage the Global Partnership with. If you have existing partnerships, this can be any one of the Member Boards or Exam Provides, through which you have established one of these Partnerships. If you don’t have any running Partnerships yet, you can also contact the ISTQB® Partner Program Manager, and they will guide you through the process.

You can get all the information about the program from the ISTQB® Partner Program slides or contacting ISTQB® at the following email address: