ISTQB® partners will be eligible for a level of partnership that is based on the number of certification points they have accumulated.

The Program levels and the necessary certification points are:

  • Silver - 5 certification points
  • Gold - 14 certification points
  • Platinum - 30 certification points
  • Global (see below)

For the Gold and Platinum levels, there is also a required minimum number of Advanced Level Certificates:

  • Gold – 1 Advanced Level Certificate
  • Platinum – 3 Advanced Level Certificates

To achieve the Global Partner level, an organization must have a minimum of 2 locations with Gold Partner status and 1 location with Platinum Partner status. In addition, the locations must be spread across at least 2 countries.

Notes: ISTQB® reserves the rights to change the rules of the Partner Program as long as six months' notice is given.