ISTQB® Partner Program is valid for one year. When renewing their partnership, organizations will receive a Loyalty Discount of 30% on the Partner fees.

Organizations can request that their partnership level is upgraded before the end of the one year period. Assuming they are eligible for that level:

  • The Partner will pay only the difference between the previous level and the new level (see Partner Fees); and
  • The one-year validity period will restart from when the upgrade occurs.

A Partner may wish to terminate the Partnership during the validity period. In this case the organization needs to contact the Member Board or Exam Provider with whom the Partnership Program is managed, requesting the cancellation of the Partnership.
The Member Board or Exam Provider will process the request, update the ISTQB® website and Partner Program Database and advise the ISTQB® Partner Program Chair about the change and the reasons behind it. Please note that no fees will be refunded for the terminations.